Complement Your Mail-Marketing with Special Add-Ons

Do you already know arpReach? And have you accelerated your email marketing already?

 Well, than you know that arpReach offers you a solution for almost every use case. It has almost unlimited possibilities.

But if you have ever missed a special functionality which is not included into arpReach arsenal by default - well, now you have the API.

With the API you can customize your workflow - and you can enable any request you may ever have to your software.

With the API you can customize your workflow - and you can enable any request you may ever have to your software.

However - to use the API properly you will either need a working add-on - or you need some skills to code it yourself.

Ouch... Yes I know - coding... I bet you have more things to do than dealing with code for days or even weeks...

And although arpReach offers you a lot of things there may be the one missing piece that you die to get.

Exactly one of these functions which you may miss is just one click away. We have already programmed a special add-on for you which expands the usability of your arpReach installation in just a few minutes - without much technical knowledge.

Just choose your add-on, install, adjust your config files - et voilà!

arpReach Birthday Mailer Add-On 

Tagging, Segmentation, Categories und Actions - everything is possible...

But you are missing one single function to let you email your subscribers and share the very best birthday wishes!

Never miss a birthday again - always remeber every subscribers birthday!

Use the arpReach Birthday Mailer Add-On to send out coupon codes, special gifts or any other marketing deal.

Create a special bond with your readers by giving them a special attention for their birthday.

All this and much more is possible with the arpReach Birthday Mailer Add-On !

Tag your Contacts for better segmentaion.

​Filter exactly each contacts you want to congratulate.

Filter your contacts by tag and by email address.

Compare the current date with their birtday.

Send an email to all your contacts labeled by your tag and congratulate them for their birthday.

Never miss any birthday again!

Includes a ready-made email template!

Includes a ready-made form page with a date picker!

"Yes, send me the arpReach Birthday Add-On !"

Once you have clicked the buy now button you will be forwarded to our payment provider. Once paid, you will get immediate access to your download area.

Installation is as easy as 1-2-3 - and of course you will find an installation guide included.

If you still have questions feel free to send us an email - we are happy to help you as much as possible!

See FAQ section below if you have more questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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